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Bellini Collectors Club

Each year, Bellini Editions commissions a distinguished artist to make a lithograph for our Collectors. 

Become a Bellini collectors Club member by joining our mailing list first. You’ll be the first to know when new editions are released and also be able to purchase them at their special launch price.

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Start your Collections! Membership Fees: CAD $5,000 per year

Member Benefits:

Members will receive an exclusive limited edition print created by one of Bellini ‘s current artists.

Members will be invited to a special print release party in Fall.

Members will also be eligible to receive 10% discount on their purchase of other prints or paintings from the Bellini Art Gallery.

Members can donate to your favorite museum and take advantage of a tax deduction.

1st quarter 

We send a letter to members announcing the release of the Collectors print for the current year, with the name and a short bio of the artist. Any remaining impressions from the edition become available at current market value.

We do not announce the name of the artist in advance, but we assure you that it will be a high quality print by a recognized artist that is appropriate to add to your own collection or to donate to your favorite museum to take advantage of a tax deduction.

2nd quarter: 

Your print is shipped or made available for pickup, and you may renew for the next year. Open enrollment begins on a first-come, first-served basis.

3rd quarter & 4th quarter

Wine event at Bellini and introduce our collectors program.


To Enroll:

1.     Pay online 

2.     Or Fax your membership form to [email protected]  If you're a renewing member, please notify us if there are changes to your contact information.

3.   Or Call (604) 671-9106 and we'll take your credit card information over the phone.


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