Frequently Asked Questions

What can I buy and How much can I borrow?

  • Art Credit can be used for the purchase of any kind of contemporary art and any of the items available at Art Galleries which are available to buy through Art Credit.Art Credit is available from as little as CAD200 up to a maximum of CAD50,000 repayable in 10 monthly instalments - completely interest free.

How do I apply?

Am I eligible for an Art Credit Loan?

  • apply in your own name
  • be 18 years or over
  • be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • have an income of at least CAD$30,000 p.a. from all sources including investments.
  • Provide your Social Insurance Number and current Photo IS
  • have a clear credit history, with no dishonours, defaults, court judgments or bankruptcies within the past 5 years and not be an undischarged bankrupt
  • have a nominated account or credit card from which we are able to make regular direct debits

  • You only need to pay a 10% deposit upfront to gallery
  • Art Credit loan is repaid in 9 monthly instalments by direct debit
  • The maximum period for repaying an Art Credit loan is 10 months
  • The minimum monthly repayment is $200
  • You can buy multiple works of art from multiple galleries up to the maximum 50,000 credit facility threshold

How does Art Credit work

  • Yes. If you do not pay an amount when due we will charge interest at the default interest rate on the amount which is due and unpaid while the default continues. The default interest rate is 16%.

Do you have a Default Interest?

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us